Sunday, April 21, 2013

Me vs evolution: 0 - 2

I'm fighting a nasty cold for a week now so I tried to relax a bit over the weekend meaning no sports and no programming but at least my computer can do some calculations. 

The evolved weight set from the last PBIL run was much stronger than my hand selected set, but some of the weights looked suspicious.

The penalty for a double pawn was almost 0, even for a triple pawn very low, a weight related to the pawn shelter was even 0. So I thought I manually correct those values. Just a little bit.

I created a modified set, called ice.tom and let it play another 6000 games against evol-2. But I was not able to improve the set this way. The one coming out from evolution seemed stronger.

Considering the error bars still a tiny chance exists my set is stronger, but I doubt it.  

Rank Name         Elo    +    - games score oppo. draws
   1 ice.evol-2    89    4    4 18000   55%    51   36%
   2 ice.tom       84    7    7  6000   49%    89   43%
   3 ice.evol-1    69    5    5 12000   54%    44   33%
   4 ice.04         0    5    5 12000   39%    79   28%

For the moment I'm convinced that PBIL is better in tuning than myself.