Friday, July 8, 2016

Switching compiler for my iCE engine

As I recently upgraded my development machine to Windows 10 I thought it is now time also to switch to a more recent compiler. So far I was using Visual Studio 2010 for compiling iCE which is now a bit outdated.

After a clean Windows 10 setup I installed the Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition and imported my sources. Overall it was pretty painless. I got one easy to fix syntax error that VS2010 did not report and several warnings about potentially dangerous type conversions.

The later are not really a problem as it was converting constant values and I knew it worked but to get rid of the warning I fixed it.

Now it compiles nicely and the resulting executable is at least as fast as before. So whenever I feel the urge to try something out in iCE I'm still able to do it.

But currently summer is way more attractive and to hot for iCE.