Wednesday, November 19, 2014

iCE 2 and the chess engine rating lists

CCRL 40/40

iCE 2 has now played enough games and is strong enough to be listed in the major chess engine rating lists. My main reference source is the CCRL as here it was listed since it very first prototype version. With some 400 games played it is now listed at number #39 in the "games at long time control" section. Its ELO will probably improve a bit over time with more games played. I've seen this with iCE 1.0 too that ended up after 1000 played games even above the error bar from the early games. In the short time control list iCE 2 is listed at  #28 with 2921 ELO (after far more games were played) and I don't expect a 30 ELO difference just coming from a different time control.
CEGT 40/20
CEGT lists iCE 2 at #26. iCE was also tested for a "ponder ON" list, where the engine keeps thinking when it's the opponents turn. This revealed an ugly bug in iCE that went so far undetected and has been fixed by now.

So when I reflect on my goals to pass the 2800 ELO mark and to enter the top 40 of the CCRL I think I'm done. I also passed the best single CPU version of crafty. Just passing the latest version of DiscoCheck is still open. Currently they are to close together to be able to tell which engine is stronger.

I also might fall out of the Top40 again, so I keep my goals open for the next version of iCE.

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