Sunday, May 25, 2014

Older versions of iCE

A fellow programmer asked me about older weaker versions of iCE to measure progress against. I think this is a nice idea. I remember when I started most of the programs I found were so strong iCE did lose almost every game. I measured progress by the moves until checkmate was delivered.

So I looked up my old files. I did not have an ice01 executable anymore but I still had a collection of the sources and they still compiled, yeah !

So here is a link to a fresh compile of old ice01. This version is from 2011. It is not able to use a book already.

I have no package of ice02 anymore. This was before I was using git. The sources were modified to become ice03 and I don't have the ones that compile to ice02 anymore.

But I still have a iCE 0.3 available. You find it here

Both ice01 and ice03 are only available as 32 bit versions. They don't compile as native x64 applications due to some inline assembler that I used. They run however fine on a x64 system, just a bit slower.

iCE 1.0 is the first iCE that is available as native x64 application.

Have fun with them. I hope they help.

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