Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mission accomplished

As stated earlier my goal in the development of iCE was an engine strong enough to make it into the Top100 of the CCRL. iCE 1.0 has now played enough games (200 are required) to be officially listed and it moved up to rank #62 right away with a rating of 2663 ELO.

The previous version iCE 0.3 was at rank #129 with 2459 ELO.

Looks like a need a new goal for further development. Unfortunately it will now become increasingly difficult to improve iCE further. Anyway without a mission iCE is going nowhere.

Those are my long term goals for the future versions, not necessarily already the next one.

1. Break through the crafty-threshold (single core)
2. Get strong enough to beat Lucas' engine DiscoCheck
3. Enter the Top 40 of the CCRL
4. Reach 2800 ELO

We'll see how long it takes this time until I reach at least 1 of those 4.


  1. and my mission is surpass ice 1.0 :-)

    1. Then you are much closer to your goal than I'm to mine. 13 ELO should be doable.