Tuesday, December 28, 2010

EPD Test Suites

In order to track the progress on the engine and also to compare different features between my mACE and the iCE engine I felt to need to be able to run test positions against the engines.

So far I test single mid game positions before and after some changes, Usually the change was so significant that testing a single position showed the outcome very clearly (adding 0 move or LMR). For a better estiamtion of change impact I need a more comprehensive test setup.

There are test suites available in the internet containing EPD position lines. A EPD line is a basically a position in FEN notation and a best move command, that gives the best move in that position. Running such a test suite against an engine will be much better than running simple positions.

There are available programs on the net that do EPD stress tests with engines, but I rather programmed my own test arena, so I can tweak it a bit better to the results I want to have.

The arena is now done and part of the GUI.