Friday, October 24, 2014

Some more GUI fun

Shaker GUI Proto Type

To relax a bit from the engine programming madness I worked a bit further on my GUI project. Here the challenges are completely different.

So far I have

  • a somewhat working PGN parser. I have not tested it with a large collection of pgns so there might be some he cannot process (especially illegal ones)
  • A game recorder that creates a pgn from manually played moves on the board including annotations.
  • A simple tournament manager that is able to run some engine vs engine matches. It still needs a lot of configuration options. Everything is currently still hard coded.
  • An interface to play an engine as a human.
  • A working time control
  • A simple analyses interface that analyzes a given position
Especially keeping track of the GUI / Engine status is mind boggling. Certain commands only work when GUI and loaded engine are in a certain state so the menus must be enabled or disabled depending on those states.

So I think this will keep me entertained for a while and then I will probably very welcome a bit of simple engine programming again.

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